Student Life

Throughout the Boyd School of Law’s history, its students have welcomed the opportunity to build a special sort of community, one which values cooperation, civility, mutual respect, and diversity, and in which all members seek to maximize the potential of themselves and one another.  The BSL student body comprises individuals of wide-ranging interests, backgrounds, and life experiences.  Working collaboratively, these individuals define and vitalize the student organizations and activities of the law school, as well as the traditions and culture surrounding them. For a current listing of BSL student organizations and officers, click here.

In cooperation with the Associate Dean's office, students have the opportunity to develop any number of other organizations and activities that have relevance to the law school and enrich the experience of students.

Keith Hightower"After relocating to Las Vegas to attend law school, I quickly realized that the Boyd School of Law is much more than an academic community. It is like a family inclusive of students, alumni, faculty, staff, and Nevada’s small legal community.

Additionally, Boyd is home to one of the best legal writing programs in the country. But that is not all. Boyd offers many practical learning opportunities, meaningful community service projects, targeted academic support programs, remarkable networking events, and a wide range of student organizations. Whether you are a native Nevadan with roots in Las Vegas or Reno, or new to the state; a part-time student with a full-time job, or a full-time student with no job; a traditional fresh-out-of-undergrad student, or a non-traditional student seeking a career change, these academic, social, and professional growth opportunities enrich student life at Boyd, provide students with a firm legal foundation, and lead to successful legal careers."

Keith J.D. Hightower, SBA President 2016-17