Marketa Trimble

Marketa Trimble

Samuel S. Lionel Professor of Intellectual Property Law

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Areas of expertise:

Patent Law, Conflict of Laws, Cyberlaw, International Intellectual Property Law, Private International Law, Intellectual Property Law, Copyright Law, European Union Law, Comparative Law


Marketa Trimble joined UNLV from Stanford Law School, where she received her second doctoral degree. She specializes in international intellectual property law and publishes extensively on matters at the intersection of conflict of laws/private international law and intellectual property law, particularly patent law and copyright law. She has authored several works in the area of cyberlaw, particularly regarding the legal issues of geoblocking and the circumvention of geoblocking. She is the co-author of a respected international intellectual property law casebook. In 2017-2018 she is teaching "Copyright," "International Intellectual Property," and the "Advanced Intellectual Property Seminar."

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