Forthcoming Articles

Jeffrey Usman,  Constitutional Constraints on Retroactive Civil Legislation: The Hollow Promises of the Federal Constitution and Unrealized Potential of State Constitutions 

Elizabeth KeyesDefining American: The DREAM Act, Immigration Reform, and Citizenship

Rebecca HussCanines (and Cats!) in Correctional Institutions: Legal and Ethical Issues Relating to Companion Animal Programs

Jessica Magaldi & Olha KolisnykThe Unpaid Internship 

Christian JohnsonRegulatory Arbitrage, Extraterritorial Jurisdiction and Dodd-Frank: The Implications of US Global OTC Derivative Regulation

Margaret Ryznar & Angelique DevauxAu Revoir, Will Contests: Comparative Lessons for Preventing Will Contests

Victoria HanemanA Timely Proposal to Eliminate the Student Loan Interest Deduction


Student Notes

Dawn Hathaway ThomanTestifying Minors:  Pre-Trial Strategies To Reduce Anxiety In Child Witnesses

Miriam Meyer-ThompsonWanted: Forever Home - Achieving Permanent Outcomes For Nevada’s Foster Children 

Timothy WisemanLimiting Innovation Through Willful Blindness