Boyd Alumna helps feed the hungry

Mon, 08/03/2009

Fewer people may go hungry in Nevada thanks to the kind-hearted efforts of Boyd alumna Kathia Pereira ‘03, who helped draft a bill reducing the liability of restaurants and hotel-casinos that give away perishable foods such as bread and leftover buffet items.

As a lawyer, Pereira recognized that many restaurants would throw out perfectly good food simply because they could be held civilly liable by persons who might become sick from eating their donated food.

"We want to give, but want to give without fear," said Pereira, who along with her husband Carlos owns Bon Breads Baking Co. "You cannot donate worrying that someone is going to file a lawsuit."

Pereira said her husband for years wanted to give leftovers to the needy, but she cautiously and reluctantly advised him not to because of the potential for lawsuits.

So Pereira, who came to Nevada in 1996 from Peru, used her legal skills to help draft the law that today reduces the liability of commercial food donors. She said she is thrilled that her company no longer will have to discard a great quantity of rolls and artisan breads every week.