Haleh Esfandiari

03/24/2008 - 10:10am
UNLV Campus

Haleh Esfandiari, the Director of the Middle East Program at the Woodrow Wilson Center and a well-known Middle Eastern scholar and Iran specialist spoke on "Iran-U.S. Relations: A View from Prison." Before joining the Wilson Center in 1998, she taught at Princeton University. She is the author of Reconstructed Lives: Women and Iran’s Islamic Revolution. Her essays have appeared in numerous books and scholarly journals and her articles have appeared in The Washington Post and The New Republic. She was detained in Iran in 2007 for eight months, spending over three months in solitary confinement in Tehran’s Evin Prison. Prominent individuals, newspapers, and people worldwide protested her imprisonment. She was released in August last year and was able to return to her family and her work.

Haleh EsfandiariHaleh Esfandiari Event

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KNPR's State of Nevada Interview with Haleh Esfandiari
Airdate: 3-24-2008
- Direct link to MP3 recording of the interview

News Clippings
3-25-08 - Las Vegas Sun article (click title for link): Engage Iran, scholar says: War and silence are not the United States’ only options (Las Vegas Sun)

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