University Forum Lecture: "Sex for Sale"

03/07/2013 - 7:30pm
On UNLV Campus
Barrick Museum Auditorium

The William S. Boyd School of Law and the Philisophy Department at UNLV are co-sponsoring a University Forum Lecture, "Sex for Sale," on March 7, 2013. 

At this event, eminent logician and philosopher, Graham Priest, will consider the issue of prostitution -- critiquing arguments that consider various legal issues surrounding prostitution.  

In Western cultures it is widely held that prostitution is immoral and ought to be illegal. Are such views justified? There are arguments for them that come from a variety of perspectives: religious, historical, sociological, psychological, legal and ethical.  

In this talk, Priest will examine some of these arguments and show that none of them vindicate the belief that prostitution is immoral or show that it ought to be illegal.