Marketa Trimble

Professor of Law
Phone: 702-895-0491
Mgr., Law School of Charles University in Prague, 1997
JUDr., Ph.D., Law School of Charles University in Prague, 2001 and 2002
J.S.M., Stanford Law School, 2006
J.S.D., Stanford Law School, 2010



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Paul Goldstein & Marketa Trimble, International Legal Materials on Intellectual Property (Foundation Press 2011) (2014 ed.).

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Book Contributions

Marketa Trimble, The Extraterritorial Enforcement of Patent Rights, in Patent Enforcement Worldwide (Christopher Heath ed., Hart Publishing forthcoming 2015).

Marketa Trimble, The Patent System in Pre-1989 Czechoslovakia, in Intellectual Property in Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States (Mira T. Sundara Rajan ed., LexisNexis forthcoming 2015).

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Marketa Trimble, Extraterritorial Enforcement, in Intellectual Property Systems in Common Law and Civil Law (Toshiko Takenaka ed., 2013).



Marketa Trimble, Foreigners in U.S. Patent Litigation: An Empirical Study of Patent Cases Filed in Nine U.S. Federal District Courts in 2004, 2009, and 2012, 17 Vanderbilt J. Ent. & Tech. L. __ (forthcoming 2015).

Marketa Trimble, Conflict of Laws Rules as Tools of National Intellectual Property Policy, __ Nagoya U. J. L. & Pol. __ (forthcoming 2015).

Marketa Trimble, The Territoriality Referendum, 6 WIPO J. __ (forthcoming 2015).

Marketa Trimble, Advancing National Intellectual Property Policies in a Transnational Context, 74 Maryland L. Rev. 203 (2015).

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Marketa Trimble, Video presentation at the 12th Annual Intellectual Property Scholars Conference, DePaul University College of Law (August 11, 2011).

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Marketa Trimble, Setting Foot on Enemy Ground: Cease and Desist Letters, DMCA Notifications, and Personal Jurisdiction in Declaratory Judgment Actions, 50 Idea 777 (2010).

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Marketa Trimble, Eurostat in the Legislative Process of the European Communities, 140 Právník 888 (2001) (in Czech).


Commentaries, Essays, and Reviews

Marketa Trimble, Book Review, 3(2) IP Law Book Review 61 (2013) (reviewing Alexander Peukert, Die Gemeinfreiheit: Begriff, Funktion, Dogmatik (The Public Domain: Concept, Function, Dogmatics) (Mohr Siebeck 2012)).

Marketa Trimble, Extraterritorial Intellectual Property Enforcement in the European Union, 18 Sw. J. Int’l L. 233 (2011).

Marketa Trimble, Punitive Damages in Copyright Infringement Actions under the U.S. Copyright Act, 31 Eur. Intell. Prop. L. Rev. 108 (2009).

Marketa Trimble, “The West and the Rest in Comparative Law”−Annual Meeting of the American Society of Comparative Law in San Francisco, October 2008, 148 Právník 126 (2009) (in Czech).

Marketa Trimble, The Potential Worldwide Application of the US Fair Use Defence−Sarl Louis Feraud International and SA Pierre Balmain v. Viewfinder Inc., 30 Eur. Intell. Prop. L. Rev. 38 (2008).

Marketa Trimble, “The Globalization of Class Actions”−A Conference in Oxford in November 2007, 147 Právník 708 (2008) (in Czech).

Marketa Trimble, Interview with Haruko Kato, a Japanese Judge, 8:7-8 Soudce 19 (2006) (in Czech).

Marketa Trimble, Judging in Silicon Valley, 8:5 Soudce 24 (2006) (in Czech).

Marketa Trimble, Judging in Silicon Valley, 8:4 Soudce 22 (2006) (in Czech).

Marketa Trimble, Judging in Silicon Valley, 8:3 Soudce 21 (2006) (in Czech).

Marketa Trimble, Judging in Silicon Valley, 8:2 Soudce 16 (2006) (in Czech).

Marketa Trimble, Judging in Silicon Valley, 8:1 Soudce 24 (2006) (in Czech).

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Marketa Trimble, Legislation of the European Communities in the Area of Statistics — An Attempt to Make It Clearly Organized, 140:7 Statistika 1 (2001) (in Czech).

Marketa Trimble, Draft Commission Regulation (EC) on Access to Confidential Statistical Data for Scientific Purposes, 140:5 Statistika 240 (2001) (in Czech).


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