Ann C. McGinley

William S. Boyd Professor of Law
Phone: 702-895-2436
B.A., Rosemont College
M.A., University of Delaware
J.D. cum laude, University of Pennsylvania Law School



Ann C. McGinley, Through a Different Lens: Multidimensional Masculinities and Employment Discrimination Law (New York University Press forthcoming 2013).

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Book Contributions

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Practice Oriented Publications

Ellen Catsman Freidin & Ann C. McGinley, Protecting Basic Rights of Citizens, Fla. B. J., Oct. 1998, at 48.

Ann C. McGinley, Reinforcing the Merit Principle in Employment Discrimination Litigation, FSU Law, Summer 1998, at 21.

Ann C. McGinley, Civil Rights and Employment at Will: Time for a Federal Statute, FSU Law, Winter 1997, at 31.


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