Rachel J. Anderson

Professor of Law
Phone: 702-895-5806
J.D., University of California, Berkeley, School of Law
M.A., Stanford University, International Policy Studies
Zwischenprüfung, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin



Corporate Governance, The In-House Counsel’s Essential Toolkit, Vol. 1 (Jolene A. Yee eds., Am. Bar Ass’n 2d ed. forthcoming 2014) (contributor).


Book Contributions

Rachel J. Anderson et al., The Caribbean and the Banana Trade, in Banana Wars: Anatomy of a Trade Dispute 123 (Timothy E. Josling & Timothy G. Taylor eds., CABI Publ’g 2003).



Rachel J. Anderson, Legal Empirical Methodology, (work in progress).

Rachel J. Anderson, Reimagining Human Rights Law: Toward Global Regulation of Transnational Corporations, 88 Denv. U. L. Rev. 183 (2010).

Rachel J. Anderson, Toward Global Corporate Citizenship: Reframing Foreign Direct Investment Law, 18 Mich. St. J. Int’l L. 1 (2009).

Rachel J. Anderson, From Imperial Scholar to Imperial Student: Minimizing Bias in Article Evaluation by Law Reviews, 20 Hastings Women’s L.J. 197 (2009).

Rachel J. Anderson, Comment, Redressing Colonial Genocide: The Hereros’ Cause of Action Against Germany, 93 Calif. L. Rev. 1155 (2005).

Rachel J. Anderson, Comment, Linking the Rule of Law and Trade Liberalization in Jamaica, 7 Afr. Am. L. & Pol’y Rep. 49 (2005).


Commentaries, Essays, and Reviews

Rachel J. Anderson, A Short Road to Statehood, A Long Road to Washington, Nat'l B. Ass'n Mag., Feb. 2013, at 16.

Rachel J. Anderson, Blacks and Voting Rights in Nevada, Nat'l B. Ass'n Mag., Feb. 2013, at 17.

Rachel J. Anderson, Blacks in the Nevada Legal Profession, Nat'l B. Ass'n Mag., Feb. 2013, at 19.

Rachel J. Anderson, Blacks in Nevada Elections, Nat'l B. Ass'n Mag., Feb. 2013, at 21.

Rachel J. Anderson, Essay, Promoting Distributional Equality for Women: Some Thoughts on Gender and Global Corporate Citizenship in Foreign Direct Investment, 32 Women’s Rts. L. Rep. 1 (2010).

Rachel J. Anderson et al., Essay, Toward a New Student Insurgency: A Critical Epistolary, 94 Calif. L. Rev. 1879 (2006).

Rachel J. Anderson, Book Review, Bishop & Zucker on Nevada Corporations and LLCs, The Writ, July-Aug. 2013, at 16. 


Encyclopedia Entries

Rachel J. Anderson, Laws, in Enslaved Women in America: An Encyclopedia (Daina R. Berry & Deleso Alford Washington eds., 2012).


Practice Oriented Publications

Rachel J. Anderson, Timeline of African-American Legal History in Nevada (1861-2011), Nev. Law., Feb. 2012, at 8.

John Valery White & Rachel J. Anderson, Dean’s Column: Collaborations with Professional Associations, Nev. Law., Feb. 2012, at 44.

Jeanne Price & Rachel J. Anderson, Preserving the Past in the Present for the Future: Las Vegas Chapter of the National Bar Association Archive at the Wiener-Rogers Law Library, Nev. Law., Feb. 2012, at 54.

Rachel J. Anderson, Dean's Column: Kay Kindred, A Nevada "First", 19 Nev. Law., March 2011, at 46.


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