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Welcome to PILA

The Public Interest Law Association (PILA) at the William S. Boyd School of Law is a non-profit, student-run organization that works closely with students, faculty, and members of the community to raise awareness about public interest work and opportunities available to law students.

The Annual Public Interest Law Association Fundraiser Auction

PILA hosts an auction each year to raise funds to finance grants for Boyd students undertaking public interest work over the summer. PILA uses all proceeds from the auction to provide grants to students who commit to spending their summer in unfunded or low paying positions that address the unmet legal needs of people in Nevada and around the world. In the past, with the assistance of PILA grants, students have helped senior citizens obtain housing, resolved landlord-tenant conflicts, dealt with child custody and divorce disputes, and secured equal and civil rights for individuals.  Since our first auction in 1999, we have raised over $100,000. 

2013 PILA Auction: For more information, go to law.unlv.edu/PILA2013auction.

2012 PILA Auction: click here

2011 PILA Auction: click here

Ways to Contribute
If you are interested in donating, click here.

Silver Staircase Honor

During PILA’s Annual Public Interest Auction, a member of the legal community is recognized for their commitment to public interest and creating access to justice for those in need.  In 2011, this honor was renamed the Silver Staircase Honor to symbolize that the award recognizes valuable members of our community who are known for helping people up. 


Simply put, public interest law is legal work that serves the public interest in some capacity. It is a somewhat specialized practice of law that is largely founded on the belief that every individual is entitled to have access to the legal system. Generally, public interest lawyers work to help people with legal needs that typically cannot afford the higher fees of private attorneys. In most cases, public interest lawyers are those who have chosen to pursue a legal career because they want to use their skills to serve others and make a difference in society.

Public interest lawyers work in all sectors of the law including, but not limited to family, environmental, criminal, civil, international, human rights and administrative law.


Besides the Career Fairs, Workshops, Social Justice Reading Group, and the Summer Grant program outlined on this site, there are still more reasons to join PILA at the Boyd School of Law. By joining and volunteering with PILA, a student can increase their chances for eligibility for other opportunities such as the Community Service scholarship, numerous fellowships and job opportunities that may require a demonstrated commitment to public service. Many employers, especially those in the non-profit, public and government sectors seek potential employees who have shown an interest in community service and public interest law while in law school.


PILA will be holding informational sessions regarding membership and other upcoming events in the first few weeks of law school. We encourage you to attend these meetings to learn more about the opportunities a PILA membership can offer to law students. 

If you wish to seek more information regarding public interest law in general there are a number of resources available including:


Available for Students Who Choose to Engage in Public Interest Work over the Summer
How Much: Up to $5000 for 8 weeks of work for a minimum of 320 hours.

Application Period Begins March 23, 2011..... read more


Equal Justice Works Career Fair and Conference

The Equal Justice Works Career Fair and Conference is the largest national conference that supports public interest legal work through recognition awards, informational sessions regarding career development and provides students with the unique opportunity to network with prominent public interest lawyers from all over the country.

For more information see www.equaljusticeworks.org.

Public Interest Law Workshops

During the year, PILA will hold workshops where students will be able to speak to public interest attorneys about the rewards and challenges of pursuing a career in public interest work.

Trina Grillo Public Interest and Social Justice Law Retreat

The Grillo Retreat will be held at the University of San Francisco School of Law this year. It is held in memory of Trina Grillo, who was active in public interest and social justice. The event is an opportunity for students, faculty and practitioners of public interest to engage in discussion. For more information see http://www.saltlaw.org/contents/view/trinagrillo.